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    Dedicated to excellence, our team of certified cybersecurity specialists provides cutting-edge Mantle smart contract audits. We prioritize robust security and optimal performance for your Mantle project, staying abreast of the latest Solidity, Vyper, and Yul coding standards through active involvement in the Mantle ecosystem.
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    Benefits Of Mantle Network Smart Contract Audit


    Unique use cases at times attract zero day vulnerabilities beyond Automated tests. Our security engineers leverage advanced techniques like fuzzing & formal verification to tackle unique vulnerabilities specific to your project. 5+ years of experience keeps us at the cutting edge of blockchain security.

    Performance Optimization

    We go beyond security, optimizing your code for blazing-fast transactions, lower gas fees, and a seamless user experience.

    Community Trust

    A successful BlockApex Audit Certification acts as a security badge of honor. Attract investors & users with confidence, fostering a vibrant community around your project.

    Time & Cost Efficiency

    Get a clear timeline & upfront pricing tailored to your project’s complexity. Our auditors collaborate closely, delivering actionable insights to solidify your project.


    The process is initiated with code freeze and gathering documentation i.e., codeMantle Network, whitepaper, etc. to give us a clear picture of your project.
    Automated & dynamic Testing
    We use industry-leading security tools to analyze your code for vulnerabilities across different blockchain languages.
    Line-By-Line Code Review
    Our security experts meticulously examine every line of your code, identifying security weaknesses and opportunities for gas optimization.
    Initial Report
    We provide a draft report with findings and suggestions for fixing the issues. We work with you to implement the fixes and ensure no new problems arise.
    Publish Final Audit Report
    Once the fixes are reviewed, we deliver the final public report, building transparency and trust with investors and users.
    When do you need a Mantle Network Smart contract Audit


    Pre-Listing Audit

    Post-Update Audit

    Upon identifying suspicious activity

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    Our audit process involves a thorough examination of your Mantle smart contract logic and operations to ensure security and reliability. We collaborate closely with your team to understand project requirements and provide actionable insights.
    Smart contract audits are essential for ensuring the security and integrity of Mantle projects. They help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, protecting both the platform and its users from security risks and hacks.
    We employ industry-leading practices such as threat modeling, detailed security audits, and manual code reviews to fortify Mantle blockchain solutions against threats. Our team stays updated with the latest security standards and practices within the Mantle ecosystem.
    Our pricing is transparent and tailored to accommodate various project budgets. We provide clear cost structures based on the complexity of the project, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.
    Yes, our team excels in addressing vulnerabilities revealed during audits by providing comprehensive mitigation strategies. We ensure that every identified vulnerability is meticulously addressed to maintain the highest security standards for Mantle projects.
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